Friday, February 22, 2013

How to improve your GPA in Macedonia

A new law was  passed today in Macedonia to help students improve their grade point average. Namely, if you graduated from a university long time ago with a GPA of, let's say, 7.5, and your employer requires you to have a GPA of at least 8.0, worry not! You can go back to your former professors and ask that you take a final exam to improve your grade. You can do this for a maximum of five courses. Remember, you can do this long after you have graduated and you have already received your diploma.

Why this new law? Well, apparently if you want to apply for a position of a judge or a public prosecutor, you need to attend an Academy, and you can't apply with a GPA below 8.0. Too many positions went unfilled for a long time because there weren't enough candidates fulfilling the GPA requirement, and the government felt this was the best of all possible solutions. Unfortunately, this law is not limited to those candidates. Since former graduates have nothing to lose one should expect thousands of them to start hitting the books and going back to college. Can you imagine the chaos this might cause at the universities? Is there anything of this sort possible anywhere else?

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